So you have a great business that is working fine, but you know something is off. You have done the same old for years. Your mojo is gone, you are exhausted all the time and deep down you know that you are being asked to change your business. You are plagued with paralyzing self-doubt.   What if I loose all my existing clients? Can I create an income doing what I love? I am so used to my level of income, how will I support myself and my kids in the meantime? Will people recognize the value of my new work?   You are terrified what the answer to all these questions might be. And so, you stay busy. You dream, you vision, you study, you research … but you don’t take action. You feel confused. You tell yourself that you are already flat out running your existing business and you don’t really have the time to do something new. What if I am just wasting my time and money and effort and end up heartbroken and disillusioned? What if I get ridiculed?   It’s SAFER to dream, to vision, to study, and to research than it is to DO. But we’re here to engage in the human experience, not the human visioning process! So here are two principles that will help you step into unstoppable self-trust in the face of paralyzing self-doubt:  
  1. If something feels off, trust it. Your new desire exists for a reason.
At some point, you were inspired with a desire, a vision for your life. You were inspired to do transformational work in the world. You were inspired with a new vision for your lifestyle and your business. That desire didn’t come out of nowhere! Inspired desire is the whisper of your Soul, guiding you into your authentic self-expression in this human experience. Creativity is your birthright and you never get it done! So ask yourself whether your Soul would be so mean as to dangle a delicious, juicy but entirely unobtainable carrot right in front of your nose! Would your Soul really inspire you with a new vision that isn’t available to you? Would your Soul taunt and tease you with inspiration, only to then say ten years later: “Hah! Just kidding!!! That dream you’ve been chasing? I was just messing with you!!! You can’t have that!” Of course not. Your Soul is highly invested in expressing itself through your experience!! Your inspired desire exists for the simple reason that it can be your reality.. Maybe your highest vision for your life won’t be available to you next week, or even next year. Maybe you won’t find yourself with sold out workshops next week. Maybe you won’t have a bestselling magazine by the end of next month. Maybe you won’t be in seven figures by the end of this year. But there IS a version of your highest vision that is available to you, right now. And once you create that immediate version of your vision in your life, then the next level of that vision will be available to you, and then the next, and the next. If you have the desire, then what you desire IS available to you. Your thoughts are unique to you and you totally can make this a grounded reality.
  1. The Universe is responsive in nature.
Every single one of our actions is met with an equal and opposite reaction. It’s Universal Law. In other words, whatever you put “out there” is also what comes back into your experience. If you take action on your desire … there MUST BE a reaction, a response that brings this desire closer to you. Given that a response by the Universe is not just likely, but GUARANTEED … isn’t it crazy that we’re so reluctant to take action towards our vision? See, what we all secretly want is for the Universe to give us a step by step proven plan, we want to have a guarantee that we will get paid, that we will get the result we want … and THEN we’ll take action. It doesn’t work that way. You take action, and the Universe responds. Remember the universe has your back. You put it out there, the Universe sends it back to you. If you take action that expresses the value of your work, the Universe will react by sending that value back into your experience. If you take action that expresses that you are worthy of your highest vision for your life, the Universe will react by sending new opportunities to move into that vision back into your experience. Guaranteed. It’s Universal Law. If you keep these two simple principles in mind … how can you not trust yourself to powerfully step forward into the business and life you want for yourself. So go on, take the next step! Here’s to the Power of Being YOU Blessings.