Ken’s Bio

Ken Stone “The Soul Archaeologist” is an Internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer and Founder of the Academy of Spiritual Leadership and Mastery. With his ability to energetically re-tune a person’s body, mind, and spirit Ken has helped thousands of people around the world remember and experience their Divine nature – from Spiritual Messengers exploring greater authenticity, to people suffering from physical pain and emotional challenges, to people wanting to transcend knowing spiritual truths to actually experiencing them. Ken has spoken along-side such luminaries as Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and many other powerful spiritual leaders.

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Ken’s Special Offer

4 Days of Healing: Embody your message, purpose, and gifts!

Each day’s session is focused around a theme which will also be supported by a Divine Transmission (aka group healing session).

Come to each session with an open mind. No matter how enlightened you think you are or how well known or even world renowned you are as a spiritual messenger, this is the path of fully embodying your Divine message, gifts, and purpose. There is always a more complete awareness, experience, and expression of your true Divine nature that is available to you and through you. Come to the 4 Days experience with an open heart and mind, and be powerfully supported and nurtured on your spiritual journey!

    Day One, Part One: The Four Stages of Consciousness – Understand each stage of spiritual development along with a deeper awareness of your motivation and perspective as you move through each aspect of your life and journey as a spiritual messenger.

    Day One, Part Two: Q & A


    Day Two, Part One: Embody (Your Gifts and Message) – Learn about and experience embodiment of your soul (and the profound resonance that results) as well as what it means to embody your gifts and message. Open to the concept of being an Embodied Messenger – one who shares their gifts and message merely by their presence – with and without words. As an Embodied Messenger you connect

    Day Two, Part Two: Q & A


    Day Three, Part One: Surrender (into Your Divine Purpose) –Understand and explore the “final frontier” of the spiritual journey – completely letting go of control. Open to a more complete expression of who you really are – beyond even anything you can begin to imagine. As you let go of control and begin living your life in the Divine mystery, you encounter your unique Divine gifts at a more profound level. Surrender allows you to begin living your life in complete freedom, liberation and flow.

    Day Three, Part Two: Q & A

    Day Four: Union (with Yourself, the Divine, and Your Tribe) – Explore the fourth stage of consciousness with yourself, with the Divine and with the world as you shift from a focus on clearing and working to achieve to opening to the experience of who you really are and all that means in your life as well as your journey as a Spiritual Messenger.

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    Also, with your $97 purchase, you get:

    Your Divine Purpose sessions

    In these three powerful transmissions (via MP3 download) with Ken you will begin exploring how to uncover your true Divine Mission.  You have a profound gift, message, and purpose within you.  No matter how aware you are of this fact – and your gifts and message – the most essential aspect of yourself is always available to you to feel and experience more fully – and it’s from this most essential aspect of you that your gifts, message and mission reveal themselves. 

    Wherever you are on your journey to uncover your true Divine Mission these sessions will support you in deepening your awareness and exploration of the Purpose in your presence.

    You will also get:

    Divine Connecting Breath

    First: is a training video and MP3 download of Divine Connecting Breath – a simple breathing process to support you in coming back to a feeling-connection with yourself and the Divine.  Think of this as a guided meditation to support you in moving closer towards an experience of who you really are …

    Second: is an abbreviated version of Divine Connecting Breath plus a quick Embodiment Practice via MP3 download.  Use this to quickly center and ground yourself so you can be fully present to your inner peace, love and joy.

    Third: is a full session with two areas of focus: Embodiment and the importance of being in the body via MP3 download.  In the second half of the session Ken plugs in to work with you energetically to support you in the Embodiment Process.

    Get This And All Other Speaker Recordings to Add to Your Library

    Only $67

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