Nicola’s Bio

From cancer to making history saving a billion dollar industry from ruin, award winning strategist and best selling author Nicola Grace The Mission Mentor, helps Entrepreneurs & Visionaries clarify and monetize their life’s big mission so they can make a bigger impact, transform the world and build their legacy.

Nicola’s Intuitive Visionary strategy skills have made her the secret weapon of politicians, business owners, social entrepreneurs, social innovators, thought leaders and an entire industry body.

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Discover Finer Distinctions Of Your Purpose And What You’re Really Here To Do To Impact Humanity, So You Can Have The Confidence You’re Following Your True Calling


  • Your Life Direction and Higher Purpose
  • Your Niche Market, Messages and Niche Topic
  • Your Unique Gifts & Talents you probably didn’t realize you have
  • Your Life Mission Versus Your Business Mission and how to integrate the two to create magnetism
  • Your Ripple Effect in the world and the problems you’re really here to solve
  • Your Core Messages you’re on earth to deliver
  • Where you should Focus your Monetization
  • How to approach your Social Media activities using your purpose, so you’re increasing your “attractor factor” online
  • What Primary Expressions make you feel alive and tap you into your higher potential, passion and give you that feeling that you’re on purpose
  • What Soul Buzz words help give you clarity of direction for your Marketing Messages to attract your ideal Soul Group clients and customers
  • Where you should focus your monetisation in a highly competitive world that is ever changing
  • How to use your purpose to create branding and positioning statements
  • How to infuse your purpose into your elevator pitch
  • What niche Soul Group you’re here to serve and prosper with so you can clarify your Niche Market and Ideal Client Avatar
  • How to infuse your Life’s Mission into your Business Statement to create social capital and more magnetism of your ideal clients and customers
  • The big ripple effect of your existence on the planet so you know why you’re here, and what you’re really here to do in the world
  • Where your Avatar clients are hanging out
    You’re unique Mojo Lane so you can live your life more authentically, following your destined path to success
  • How to communicate with your Soul and build trust in your intuitive guidance

Here’s everything you’ll uncover in this training:

When I ask new clients what their passion is, they either go blank or have a lot of passions. So they get stuck in figuring out how to bring passion in a business context. You’re going to get clear on certain aspects of your purpose, that when integrated into your business, will fire up your passion. Let’s find out what get’s you out of bed excited about your day!

Our busy lives make us disconnect from our Soul, Source and sense of Purpose. So we’re going to get you re-connected. Then we’ll dive into your Soul’s Mission Blueprint to find the focal point of your Purpose that will give you that greater sense of connection and fulfilment once it’s integrated into your business.

Your Mission is the “doing” part of your Life Purpose. It’s the part of your reason for being here that has you making the biggest difference. So we’re going to drill down into your Mission Blueprint to find out what you’re really here to do, what problems you’re here to solve and then inject your Life Mission into your Business Mission Statement so you can create more attraction.

So many people struggle with their niche market. And it’s so important to get right because without knowing who you’re positioning yourself to in the market place, your conversion from lead to client or customer can be underwhelming. So you’ll learn how to identify your Soul Purpose Group – The people you have diving appointments with to serve and prosper with – That’s the best niche market for you.

We’re often blind about what our real gifts and talents are because we they are so natural to us, we don’t recognize them as our gifts. So you’re going to be taken through a process to uncover what you can’t see, any hidden gifts and talents you might not realize you have, the gifts that are second nature to you, so you know how you can give your best more consciously to your clients and customers.

When you know the exact messages you’re here to deliver to help others, influence change and integrate into either your services, products or programs you begin to draw upon the magnetic manifestation power of your Soul’s Purpose. So you’ll work from the formula and self discovery processes to find those messages that you’re here to deliver to your Niche Soul Group you’re here to serve.

Too many people position themselves in the market off purpose, so they lack the type of congruency that will make positioning do so much of the selling for you. You’ll have learned all the elements from your purpose and soul resonance words you can use to make up your positioning statement and elevator pitch, so you can communicate with congruency therefore increasing your “Attractor Factor”

Creating resonance in your messages has to do with matching your message with your purpose and mission delivered to your Soul Group Niche. When you can successfully do this you increase the “Attractor Factor” in your marketing, speaking, messaging to draw in the right people into your business from clients, customers and participants to partners, affiliates and joint venture partners.

You’re going to find the best way for you to make an impact and transform the world. Whether you end up creating a product, suite of products, services, or programs you’ll learn how your mission and higher purpose gives you direction as to where to focus your monetization. The world is changing so this aspect of the course is going to focus your attention in the direction where there is growth, not decay.

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