Rhonda’s Bio

Rhonda Rule is an accomplished Clairvoyant Frequency Master, having delivered over 20,000 readings and frequency upgrades and clearings for clients. Known to her many clients and friends as “The Laser Beam of Awareness”, Rhonda is a new paradigm light worker. She is a passionate, generous energy healer whose specialty is channeling high frequency light energy through her hands and voice directly to you and groups. Her mission and purpose is to facilitate opening your awareness to the lighter and more expanded energy realms available to you to play and create with.

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Rhonda’s Special Offer

“Stepping into Light Stewardship”©: Tools and Techniques for a Masterful life

This is a comprehensive course that Rhonda has developed through her many years of private session and energy work with clients and her personal experience in her own transformational journey.

    Jam packed with powerful tools that will educate healers in all walks of life to “quantum leap” their access to their own sacred information and sovereignty. 

    This course is for beginners to energy healing as well as mid level and advanced healer practitioners.

    This digital package of profound information, if practiced and applied, will shift your perceptions of self and others and will support an easy,

    smooth transformation and integration with your whole self, Your Radiant Wholeness.©

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    Call one: Preparation and Structure of a Energy Healing Session ©

    Includes specific “how to” techniques to access any healing information and tools you need to add power and potency to self healing and assisting others. 

    Benefits are:

    • Access personal clarity and clear allowing and knowing, increased physical vitality, non-judgment and enlightened action, be centered and protected, empowered, confident and at cause.
    • Gain a full understanding of what self-responsibility means for a Light Steward at this time in history.
    • Easily access your creative genius.
    • Learn to direct and implement healing energy within the six sectors of human mastery and beyond.

    Duration of recording is an hour and comes with transcribed notes.

    Call two: Playing with The Beam and The Spiral ©

    Includes specific “how to” techniques to establish a line of communication and connection to heal, transform, remove unwanted energy, raise resonance, and dissolve illusions of separation from spirit, establish new levels of well-being within the six sectors of human mastery.         

    Infuse yourself with more love, healing light, joy, and FUN!

     Access and manage your energy healing abilities like a master.

    Duration of recording is about an hour and comes with transcribed notes.

    Call three: Accessing your sacred information with The Fractal ©

    Includes specific “how to” tools and techniques to access the multi-verse and your multi-dimensional time track, (Akashic records). The benefits to you and others are: increase effectiveness, abundance, unlock the secrets you need to increase your manifestation mastery in feeling and form. This will give you access to implement

    The Law of Transformation amplified beyond what you have previously been taught. Increase your extra sensory abilities.

    Connect to what you need to know exactly when you need and want it.

    Duration of recording is about an hour and comes with transcribed notes.

    Call four: Chaos to Calm: QLI, Quiet Light ©

    Includes specific “how to” tools and techniques to transform chaotic, emotional reactive and toxic energy.

    The benefits to you and others is the feeling of safety, loving kindness, mindfulness, empathy, and protection.

    Gain understanding of how to maintain balance and boundaries while in groups and crowds.

    Connect fully with your center of power, certainty, calm, and sacred essence.

    Duration of recording is about an hour and comes with transcribed notes.

    Call five: Questions and Answers

    Includes specific questions and answers about how and when to use these Light Steward tools and techniques. These are practical questions from previous participants of this course. Each answered by Rhonda to increase your understanding and mastery of implementing all previous information.

    Duration of recording is about an hour.

    Bonuses for Summit Participants

    2 Bonus MP3 tracks with this package:

     Morning Light Infusion: This is a 7 minute MP3 morning meditation with beautiful music and words to inspire a joy-filled, inspiring, and productive day.

    Before Sleep Light Infusion: This is before sleep meditation with relaxing music and words for a cleansing and restful nights sleep. Vibrational support and clearing for peace and strength.

    And also included in this Special Offer just for this summit:

    One 45 minute personal energy alignment and resonance raising session with Rhonda.

    * There will be no refunds on this offer after 14 days of purchase. Also, no refund after the private session has been received by purchaser

    Get This And All Other Speaker Recordings to Add to Your Library

    Only $67

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