Meet Sally Griffyn

Sally Griffyn is a Spiritual Business Coach from London, UK who helps visionaries become world-changing Influencers. By switching their focus into legacy: from starting a movement, shifting the system, bringing charity into business and directly giving back, Sally changes the perspective of the business and thereby creates passion and happiness. This current becomes currency.  She is writing a book on the topic of Influence called The Little Book Of Influence.

Sally Is a High Priestess of Wicca and has studied ancient systems of wisdom to help her clients map out The Wheel of the Year: how to know when best to announce, plant seeds, launch and step back in harmony with their products and the seasons. It is the opposite of the corporate striving lifestyle. No matter how high you want to go, by implementing perfect timing, you can sit back knowing your plan is in place and use calls to action when they are at the most aligned for your launch. It’s a relaxed and powerful way to leverage up your business and to enjoy a happy life. The focus of all her work is happiness and the methods are often experiential meditations and path workings in which the clients find deep seated answers to their questions and use them to quantum shift their life and business.

Sally has written 4 books, run a 10-million dollar property development company in London, run over 60 international retreats and a yoga festival in the UK.

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Shivany is an expert on personal and spiritual transformation, integrating the ancient wisdom of the Akashic records with modern practices to support ambitious women in success with their soul-aligned business.