The World Awakening Series: January 2019

Ashleigh Boyd

Nurse Intuitive & Coach. Here to serve and guide you to manifest what you are truly supposed to be in the world.

Lisa Barnett

Best-selling author and founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. Here to help you align with your Soul Plan.

Beth Weinstein

Transformational business coach. Guiding you to align with your true purpose and grow your business .

Mary Sise

Speaker, teacher, counselor and author, sharing how traumatic experiences can cause disconnection or soul loss.

Britta Aragon

Mindset coach. Helping you break your glass ceiling by dismantling the blocks that are getting in your way.

Jennifer Longmore

A leading expert on Akashic Records.  Runs the #1 Akashic Record Training School in the world.