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Claim YOUR Throne

Dear Highly Conscious Entrepreneur, 

You haven’t landed here by accident. In the infinite and bountiful world of Akashic Records, there are no coincidences.

You were guided here — so let’s dive into why your soul is nudging you to continue reading…

You’re here because you know that it’s time! 

Time to expand.

Time to share your purpose in a more impactful way.

Time to release the feeling that you’re running out of time to get on track with your next level of money magnetism.

Time to reinvest your precious energy from worrying about money to creating fun and aligned ways to ATTRACT it.

It’s time for your upper limits to be healed and shifted, once and for all.  Are you ready? 

What is really important to understand is that at high level of consciousness, financial abundance CANNOT be created outside of your Soul Purpose.

Not only is it important that you are doing your purposeful work on the planet, it is equally important that HOW you run your business is aligned to your authentic self-expression also.

If you have invested heavily in coaches that didn’t bring you the results you wanted, chances are that inadvertently the strategy and coaching that was offered was not in alignment with who you are. Cookie cutter techniques will not work!

If you answered YES! then I’ve got great news for you and a SOUL-ution that you’re going to love.

If you want to enjoy a loving, supportive, life partnership with money, and aligning your business so you receive more money, this life changing opportunity is going to have you jumping up and down with joy !

If you’re ready to amplify your abundance threshold and make quantum leaps to create the life and business of your dreams, then keep reading…

I’ve given close to a thousand Akashic Record Readings and coached hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, just like you, to allow infinite streams of money in all while remaining aligned to their purpose!

Take a look at just a few examples of the money and lifestyle miracles others are creating for themselves as a result of our work together:

I have been working with Shivany for 6 months now and the results I am having have been absolutely outstanding.

My business has continued to grow month after month with Shivany’s healings and Akashic Record guidance, clearings and sound business advice.  I am already comfortably supporting myself and my outlook on life has changed so much.

The mental blocks and fears I had about my business of am I good enough, what if it fails, can I do it, should I risk it, the uncertainty of not having regular income have all been cleared and I am well on the way to having a super successful business.

It’s not just in my business life that I have experienced changes, all the above has paved the way for a totally different outlook on life and what it has to offer and so my personal life has benefited as well. It’s not about being better than anyone else it’s about being a better woman than I was.

Gratitude to you Shivany and I look forward to continuing working with you.

Esther Henderson


The last 4 years prior have been excruciating.  I so desperately wanted to stop doing what I was doing.  I wanted to run away.  I didn’t want to talk to another guest, serve another romantic dinner, answer another email, work out another years’ marketing budget, train another cleaner. 


I was searching for a way, a reason, a hope to change my situation and I had run out of juice. 

I asked the Universe for help and it gave me Shivany – honest, light, mischievous, knowing, committed, and challenging and a seriously profoundly gifted energetic healer and intuitive. 

She has been a Midwife to me, allowing the birth of Me. The way I operate my business has changed.

I have hired more staff and create a good income.  I work less. I travel.  I LOVE my business again. My life is simple now.  I LOVE MYSELF and everything else flows from that! 

Lisa Dempsey


Everything is energy and when you understand the energy anatomy of YOUR business, and how energy governs the flow of money you will be able to know EXACTLY where and how to course correct and move beyond to what you believe is possible. 

A Divine Business is a true reflection of your Soul’s Purpose expressed in the way you want. Your products, service delivery, marketing and business practises all express who you are as a Divine Being.


Are you struggling with an inner dialogue that goes something like this?

YOUR PASSION: “Let’s do this NOW, NOW, NOW. Let’s live an inspiring life, make my business successful, travel, launch that new product. I want to get out of being stuck!”

YOUR MIND: “No, later is better. I’m too busy. I don’t have enough time, I’m not good enough yet or smart enough, or ready to be seen. I just don’t have what it takes yet to make it happen. I might fail again, and I just can’t handle another failure. I’ve TRIED IT ALL already anyway! Right now’s not good. I have to pick up the kids, answer emails, work, go go go…no time to dream. I’ll just take what I have now.”

Who Is Winning This Argument?

I’ll bet it used to be your mind, but now that you’ve reached this point in your life, your passion, this growing fire inside you, is reminding you, sometimes nagging you of your limitless potential, and IT’S CALL TO ACTION IS GROWING LOUDER AND BOLDER and that limited self-talk BS, that your mind keeps dishing out, is growing more and more tedious.

Even if you tried before and failed, even if your self-doubt hasn’t left your side.

It’s OK if you’re stuck, uncertain, or afraid to be seen or if you’re confused by the online noise, the 7-figure hype marketing, or sales bravado.

Or maybe you feel just too burned out to keep trying.

These are the glue traps that stall progress for most people.

But NOT FOR YOU, ANYMORE, once you dive into this intel!

You’re an uncommon, creative, idea-driven, success-focused breed – and you need an uncommon, creative, idea-driven, and success-focused soul-lution.

As you know, having a business is not for toe-dippers and tire-kickers. It’s a full-contact sport and asks you to be a top-performer every single day. (Not just when you feel like it.)

Claim your throne 3-month VIP program

  • Learn about the ONE thing that manifests itself as LACK, and how to eliminate it from your business, for a greater flow of fulfillment and financial abundance.
  • Know who you are at Soul level and clear karma and outdated beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Learn how to use cutting edge techniques to expand your business WITHOUT working more or harder. By taking energetically strategic action, you can create what you want without struggle.
  • Know exactly what marketing strategies, sales processes and business systems will align to the greatest available financial flow.
  • Uncover blocks and restrictions within the anatomy of your business that are hindering the flow of money, new customers, or repeat business.
  • Discover what can be shifted within the areas of marketing, sales, products, services, and business systems in order to create more financial abundance.
  • Learn how to sell based on your Divine gifts.
  • Learn how to spot sales sabotage and get your ego out of the way.
  • Learn how to qualify your prospects through automation AND your Divine gifts.
  • Learn how to purposefully refine your lead generation and content strategy.
  • Learn how to stay congruent to your Soul purpose and choose purposeful business projects without surrendering to overwhelm or getting side-tracked.
  • Evaluate new projects or services for their financial abundance potential BEFORE they are launched. This can save so much time, energy, money, and potential disappointment. It can also help you move faster and more confidently when you have been inspired with financially lucrative projects.
  • Evaluate hiring decisions, joint venture projects and partnerships BEFORE they are made.
  • Evaluate businesses for potential investors.
  • Energetically transmute difficult business relationships that are creating energetic misalignments to financial abundance.
  • And so much more …

Here’s the work we’ll do together

Month One:

Soul Success Blueprint

A Whole New Understanding Of “Self” from the viewpoint of your Akashic record.

Self-mastery must, of course, begin with self-knowledge.  You will get to know yourself at Soul-level, understand your Divine Gifts and how your Soul is designed to manifest through the human experience, so that you can infuse this understanding not just into your work, but into your entire business structure and life.  Abundance can only come from being who you are!  If you are to stand in your Soul’s self-expression, of course you first must know who you are, at Soul-level.

Additionally, discover how these important aspects of your Soul Profile translates into entrepreneurial skills and challenges.  Discover which marketing, sales, and business systems are most aligned to your Soul Profile.

Let’s dive deep and peel back the layers that are holding you back from fully stepping into leadership and let’s find out what you are meant for at the deepest Soul level. This is the perfect way to thoroughly understand your purpose and your Soul’s calling and to create a breakthrough, so you move forward towards your dreams.

Master ways to live your authentic Soul identity in practical, real-life application of Entrepreneurship. 

During our time together, we’ll hone-in on any current limitations or setbacks. We’ll get to the bottom of the obstacles that have been limiting your potential and you’ll experience powerful shifts towards clarity, confidence and empowerment!

Manifesting Blueprint

Held at the 7th dimensional aspect of your Divine Soul Success Blueprint, this is your roadmap to how you are specifically designed to experience your Divinity and create the life and business you want.   

Lets’ look at why we don’t manifest our desired outcomes: 

  • What we want is incongruent to who we are at Soul level and would thus not allow us to experience our Divinity (Spiritual)
  • What we want isn’t ACTUALLY what we want at all. It’s what we “should” want or what we think we can have (Ego)
  • We are not taking congruent action (Physical) 

The Manifesting Blueprint will help with all 3 of these issues and you’ll be able to align your business strategies and manifesting process to your inherently abundant nature, right from the start.

Techniques for Mastery of Your Vibrational State

Once you KNOW who you are, it’s time to manage your PHYSICAL vibrational state, because that’s what determines what you attract!  

Only new action that is congruent to your Soul’s self-expression is what shifts your vibrational state into alignment with abundance.  

You’ll learn how to more effectively manage this process throughout our 3 months together, so that you don’t get stuck in resistance more than necessary and can circumvent your ego’s attempts at staying in its comfort zone! 

Learn how to set intentions that are authentic and powerful reflections of your Divine Purpose that will create tangible results.

Month Two:

Business As Divine Self Expression

Everything is energy. And when you understand the energetic anatomy of your business and how energy governs the flow of money, you will have a much deeper understanding on how your business works. 

It’s not about working harder, or more. It’s about being energetically strategic by applying your Soul Blueprints to your business. 

Products and Services

I will look at what product or service is the “right” one for your business to sell! Often, financial issues start here – with the “wrong” offer, depending on the business.


Marketing governs how a business, person, product, or service is perceived. Miscommunication inevitably results in lack of interest, making sales impossible.

We will discover aligned marketing strategies for your business, and how to look at marketing media from an energetic perspective. We will look at how to evaluate marketing materials for financial abundance potential.


I will energetically evaluate sales processes, and how to clear them should they be creating a block to financial abundance.

As with marketing, we’ll talk about what sales processes may create alignment or misalignment to your financial abundance.

We’ll also look at issues around receiving and giving value for both you personally and your business. Any energetic misalignments will be resolved.


From the business owner to virtual assistants to joint venture partners to business coaches to customers … many people energetically contribute to what we call a “business.” Sometimes, energetic misalignments to financial abundance are not a “what” but a “who.” 

If applicable, I will help you to energetically transmute difficult business relationships.  I will teach you how to stay energetically “in charge” of the business while working with contributors and help evaluate the various energetic contributions to your business.


Every business has systems, from technical to administrative. Even a tiny business of one person has systems…but are they aligned to your financial abundance?

We’ll look at the “how” of “doing business” and how to evaluate and clear the various systems within a business for optimal financial flow.

Month Three:

Implementation of Aligned Steps

This month is devoted to putting it all together and to physical execution of the changes that need to happen. I’ll be teaching you how to effortlessly access divine guidance and apply it to your relationship with your biz so that you are empowered and aligned to manifest a joy-filled life of continual expansion and magnetism. 

You’ll never curse your money situation again. Instead, you’ll greet each day by welcoming the blessings of abundance and financial freedom that you get to enjoy on a daily basis as you’re living your purpose. 

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it certainly doesn’t blossom in the dirt either!  

It’s up to you to finally give yourself permission AND support to dig down to the roots of your energetic blockages around uplevelling your business and allow the abundance you deserve to blossom.

Essential Business, Marketing and Sales Strategies

There are some practical skills sets that we MUST become competent at if we are to successfully create an income doing what we love!  We don’t have to become masters at marketing or sales or business strategy!  But we do need COMPETENCE in these areas.  

And no, you can’t just outsource the parts of your business you don’t want to deal with.  There’s a difference between delegation and abdication, after all.  You’ll learn practical skills and strategies without getting stuck on formulas and blueprints!  There is always TONS of room for your Soul’s self-expression…that’s what makes this program different.

Support, Support, Support

When you’re following your Soul’s self-expression, you WILL be forging your own road.  That means doing things in your own perfect and unique way…with no-one to model, no-one to follow, and no “proven” path before you.  And that’s very, very scary.  

If you are to travel confidently, you need someone to guide you, uphold the Truth of who you are, and remind you of how to navigate based on Universal Law, so that your outcomes are predictable.  

Most importantly, it’s not about having to wait two weeks before you can get answers to your questions — you’ll receive day to day support in this program if you need it!

This Program Is For You


  • You are ready and motivated to take responsibility for yourself, and claim what you really want, in your business and personal life.
  • You are ready to let go of what you believe is “true” about yourself, your business and your abilities to create what you want.
  • You are willing and able to commit 100% to your own growth and show up fully.
  • You are willing to step outside your current comfort zone, take new action and try new things.
  • You are ready to embrace your Divinity and manifest your spiritual gifts into your business and financial experience.
  • You are letting it be OK not to know all the answers and being kind to yourself.
  • You are responsible for your own results, which includes proactively asking for support and scheduling calls.
  • Honouring our relationship by being direct, truthful and open with me – we will go farther, faster!

My Committment To You Is:


  • Hold a sacred space for you at all times as the Divine Creator of your experience
  • Believe in you and your ability to manifest 100%
  • Keep you focused on YOUR intention
  • Be loving and patient with your process, creating a safe space where you can be you, warts and all
  • Be in integrity and honest at all times
  • Be a clear channel of communication during all energy alignment sessions and coaching calls
  • Care deeply about you in both your human and Divine Experience.

Ready To Rock Your Biz In Just 12 Short Weeks?

Right now you have a decision to make…

Isn’t it time to shine your light and create the business and abundance you always wanted?

Isn’t it time to be, think and act as the Divine Creator of your human experience?  



Every human has their unique Akashic record and of course a very unique business record. All readings are done in the privacy of my home and take hours to prepare before we get on a call. 

You will have a written copy and I record the session.

When I received the Akashic reading from Shivany I felt validated in my deepest feelings about myself and what my life has been. She talked to me about things that in my core I knew were true but always felt foggy and distant. This type of reading is a great tool to break patterns that are so relentless that you start to believe as your destiny (but not a very happy one!), when in fact they can be changed. I started to feel liberated as very important things have been explained, the fog has cleared, and my gratefulness is beyond words.  

I am doing the homework Shivany suggested, and as a result, negative thoughts do not have a hold on me as they used to have. I am amazed! It used to be a struggle to set my mind to positive thinking. After the reading with Shivany I am surprised at how easily it is now for me to shift my thinking from the old same negative thinking to a better understanding of what is really going on, and then calming myself down to see the positive, so fast! This is quite unusual for me.  

As you can imagine, with that shift my self-confidence has also increased (one of the problematic themes of my life). I am looking forward to experiencing the other blessings that will generate from this reading. This type of work is something I recommend without a doubt. 

Pili Torre

This program allows you to step into the TRUE YOU and to stop forcing yourself to follow someone else’s model.