Hi beautiful Soul.

You made it to here! Let’s face it. Nothing happens by accident. You are here for a reason. You’ve been led here.

You are here because a deeper part within you is searching for expression. If we’re honest, you’re here because you’ve been called to reinvent your business, grow and express yourself in a much bigger way.


Now, if you’re here, there’s something I already know about you.

  You yearn to make a difference in the world with your gifts.
  You’re sensitive and intuitive.
  You’re creative.
  You’re an ambitious, high-achieving woman that wants to live life on her terms.


Not only is it possible, you are meant to live this life. You are meant to shine, to make money, to be the creator of all that you can dream up. And I feel honored to assist you in this sacred process of birthing yourself and of “becoming”. You deserve nothing less!


There are a variety of ways to working with me:

Divine Soul Success Blueprint

90-minute consultation

Business as Divine Self Expression

Spiritual Wealth Intensive VIP day

Claim Your Throne VIP 6-month program

I LOVE my business again.

I am a small business owner of Boutique Couples accommodation in Australia.

The last 4 years have been excruciating.  I so desperately wanted to stop doing what I was doing.  I wanted to run away. I HATED WHAT I WAS DOING AND I HATED WHO I WAS BECAUSE OF IT.   

I was searching for a way, a reason, a hope to change my situation and I had run out of juice. 

Thanks to all Shivany’s work, uncovering my ‘ Divine Blue Print’ and cracking my unique Spiritual Wealth Code my energy flows again.  The stronger I get, the more I let it flow and the more I let it flow the stronger I get. 

I asked the Universe for help and it gave me Shivany – honest, light, mischievous, knowing, committed, and challenging and a seriously profoundly gifted energetic healer.  She has been a Midwife to me, allowing the birth of ME, helping me to align my business to ME. 

My life is simple now. I can now take 3 months off and still make great money! I LOVE MYSELF and everything else flows from that! 

Lisa Dempsey, Big Blue Backyard www.bigbluebackyard.com.au

A new level of power.

Receiving a "Divine Soul Blueprint” from Shivany has totally helped me see who I am and what I do well and stop trying to be what I am not.

I have stepped into a new level of power and trust in myself that has moved me out of fear and doubt and into my authentic power and soul calling.

I have been leading new workshops and trainings that truly make a difference in people's lives.


I now trust myself to listen to the deep calling of my unique soul's message and when I do that the results are powerful fast and deep for me and for my clients.


Devorah Spilman 

I learned a lot

I want to thank you for our year together. I learned a lot from you and have new tools with which to wield when the going gets tough. In particular, being able to identify core negative emotions. I was able to use this the other day at the doctor's office and definitely am getting better each time at using my intuition to identify what is true vs. an illusion, what is mine vs. someone else's stuff. I know the learning will continue. Thank you for opening up my eyes to what I want to do in my life and empowering me to take steps to explore and to create that.  I am so grateful for you and the work you do in this world with women! 


I will keep in touch! Sending you love and beautiful blessings

Yvonne Chen, USA