If you are looking to up-level your income, chances are that you are constantly asking yourself questions. Sometimes, the questions you ask yourself are conscious, but more frequently, they are quietly, constantly, habitually running in the background of your conscious mind. 

They are questions like: 

“Why am I not making money?” “Why are other people rocking their business and I am struggling”? 

Here’s the thing. 

The quality of your questions determines your income level! 

Yes, the questions you ask yourself are THAT important. 

You see, a few things happen when we ask ourselves questions. 

The first is that our mind feels the need to respond to a question. Basically, we give ourselves an answer. And of course, that answer will come from the level of thinking that created the question in the first place. So, if we’re trying to up-level our income, the answer that our mind supplies us with is always just going to keep us where we are. 

The second response comes from our intuition. It’s entirely possible for our intuition to answer us in a way that helps us transcend our current level of thinking. After all, we are tapping into infinite intelligence when we access our intuition, and our answers come from beyond our mind. 

But our intuition is 100% responsive to the question. 

Our spiritual resources acknowledge us as the ultimate authority in our lives. 

Our intuition doesn’t second-guess us. 

It gives us exactly what we ask for. 

And our intuitive answer can only come to us through our current mental frame of reference. In other words, our intuition cannot give us an answer about something we’ve never heard of. For example, if you don’t know what a “opt-in page” IS, then your intuition can’t tell you to create an opt-in page. 

The precision with which our intuition functions is one of its greatest gifts. It’s also how we can get ourselves into a hot mess. 

Let’s take this question of “Why am I not making money?” 

If your input is a “why” question, then your intuition acknowledges your demand for a reason. So, you’ll get one. 

In fact, if you keep asking this question, you’ll get a different answer, each time. You may end up with ten reasons, because you asked ten different times! Remember – you are the authority! 

Of course, your answers will always lie within your current frame of reference. So, if you’re a healer, but you don’t know much about the practicalities of creating income, your “reason” for why you’re not making money will come to you in the context of healing. 

This is how a lot of entrepreneurs in the healing arts find themselves in an endless cycle of needing to heal, shift, integrate, and clear “stuff” from their childhoods, from past lives, or their environment…before they can make any money. 

In fact, they seem to never be ready to make any money, because there’s always more to heal and clear. And it’s not true. 

It’s just that the question “Why am I not making any money,” when asked over and over again, will give us one “reason” after another, after another, all of which need to be addressed before we can make any money. 

The mere question “Why am I not making any money” indicates that there is a reason, a problem, a block that MUST be resolved before money can be made. 

Remember…you are the authority. The Universe and your spiritual resources will never make you “wrong.” 

“Why am I not making any money” is therefore a question that guarantees that you are not ready to make any money. 

I suggest you delete all “Why” questions from your inner dialogue immediately! 

Here’s a few more examples of entirely unproductive questions that delay our income: 

“What is blocking me from creating the income I want?” This question assumes blocks, so be assured … there will always be “blocks.” 

“What is wrong in my business / with me?” This question assumes there is something wrong, so you’ll always find something that is “wrong.” 

“What else do I need to know to make the money I want?” This question assumes there is something else, so you’ll always find something else! 

Try paying attention to the questions you are asking yourself today. 

Examine those questions – what assumptions are you making that might get in the way of attracting the money you want? 

Here’s to the joy of being YOU!