This one quality will determine your level of success. 

We all have times of intense transition. Times of our lives when we have to seriously step up, step down, step aside, step back, or step ahead. Not simple stuff! 

Working harder for results in your business is no longer an option. 

It’s time to put your soul in the driver’s seat, step into your purpose, and create what is truly yours to bring into this world. 

You have a purpose. When you align with it, success takes on a whole new meaning. 

And when you build your soul aligned business through the lens of your Akashic Record, the choices to success look different for each of us. 

And of course that very fact scares the bejesus out of us. It’s so much easier to follow someone’s program and “proven” strategies. 

Except at high levels of consciousness it’s simply not working anymore. 

Marie came to me because she was sick and tired or being stuck at 5K per month despite all the work she did. She was exhausted and frustrated, ready to believe that living a vision is only for the select few, not for ordinary folks like her. 

I looked up her Manifesting Blueprint. 

Our manifesting Blueprint is how we are designed to most effectively experience our Divinity through comparison and contrast within an individuated experience. 

It’s what lets us access our unique aspect of the Divine and the flow of limitless abundance that is inherent. 

The more you integrate your Manifesting Blueprint into how you do business and serve others, the more you will be able to access the abundance inherent to your Divine nature! 

Marie needed to shift her vibrational state in order to achieve her goal through new action in a VARIETY of ways. Alignment for her was much more important than repetition. 

For some of you the exact opposite might be true…then you would have to focus on one new thing and expect to suck at it first and keep at it till you have the break-through. 

Marie’s goal represented “Freedom”. The opposite is obligation. She accepted my home “play” and looked at all areas of her life to make an inventory. Where was she motivated by obligation? 

It didn’t take long that she discovered she needed to let go of several people. 

You know them. They are the old friends that you have known since High school that have settled down into normal life with jobs and limited vacation time and an annoying boss. They are happy to put up with your eccentricity and weird entrepreneurial aspirations because it entertains them. 

These are the sweet family members that sweetly tell you that they worry about you and your financial future and ask you to please be “realistic”. 

And sometimes unfortunately they are the spouses that say all the right things and try very hard to support you but the more you move forward the less they understand your ambition and motivation.

These are all wonderful people. They mean well.

HOWEVER they are still at vibrational odds to the person you MUST become if you are to attract the money you say you want.

You can’t change them.

You can’t convince them to come on this journey with you.

You may exhaust yourself trying…but you can’t. Just admit that now.

What you CAN do is hold yourself back because, come hell or high water you are determined to hold onto these relationships.

You CAN live 2 separate lives, vibrationally speaking. You may come alive at entrepreneurial events at workshops or on the phone with your business coach or clients. And then you may slip back into a vibrational state that’s more comfortable and less challenging for others when it’s family time or when you are at a social event. 

Of course, this is a great way to manifest absolutely NOTHING.

But it’s incredibly painful to contemplate letting people go, isn’t it? 

We need to learn to let go of what doesn’t serve us.

Here’s something to consider:

Hanging on to vibrationally incongruent relationships may be far MORE painful than you are allowing yourself to realise. 

That’s because that particular pain is comfortable. You are used to it. 

Not being able to share your business, your woo magic, your hopes and dreams, your frustration with your clients, your awesome sales this month, the event you just came back from.

That’s because that particular pain is comfortable.  You’re used to it.

Not being able to share your awesome sales this month, the event you just came back from … you may just have learned to tolerate putting these parts of you on a shelf when you’re with certain people.

And you tell yourself it’s okay, that it doesn’t matter, that it’s just for a day or an evening or a weekend.

Stop bullshitting yourself.

It matters a lot.

Any time you shift your vibration into pretending to be “normal,” every time you bite your tongue about your work or business, every time you pretend that football is still interesting to you … you are choosing inauthenticity.  You are choosing to hide the Divine Being that you are.

And because consciousness equals responsibility, the consequences of these choices become BIGGER, the more conscious you are!

Consider, for a moment, that perhaps the people you are so magnanimously holding on to might feel the same way about you!

Maybe they are not willing to admit to themselves that they no longer want to spend time with YOU – because you talk about weird spirituality stuff or marketing way too often, and give unsolicited advice way too much.

Maybe if you stopped reaching out, if you said “no” a few times … they would gratefully fade away out of your life, because you’re vibrationally incongruent to THEM and don’t fit THEIR authentic self-expression, either.

Letting people go doesn’t require a break-up, or even a conversation.  Just be yourself 100% of the time, say “no” when you don’t actually feel like going to lunch, only call when you really WANT to vs. when you think you “should” … and the Law of Attraction will take care of the rest.

Here’s to the joy of being YOU!