Are you using your intuition to get what you want?

I just returned from a whirlwind 6-day trip to LA to attend a 3-day Mastermind with my AMAZING coach. The community of like-minded souls is priceless! 

This is what spiritual business owners, a.k.a. a wild bunch of ‘misfits’,  kicking butt, making bank, aligning to their unique Human Design and having fun doing their purpose can look like!

I LOVE to travel and go to new places and connect with new souls and have new experiences and my idea of travel would be to teleport and arrive at my destination immediately (travelling on the plane…sitting like sardines for 13 hours…I prefer not to have that experience).

Flying first class is definitely on my list…but not a priority right now.

So, I decided to play with the law of attraction and created the intention to have a whole row of seats for myself on the plane. A girl can dream, right?

As a splenic projector I really need my sleep. I mean, REALLY (if you are not sure what the heck I am talking about, get your free human design chart here):

So, on the trip from Brisbane to LA I manifested two seats to myself, which worked well…I slept…felt grateful.

Let me tell you what happened on my return trip.

I am boarding the plane…full of expectation…but also not attached…more curious, “Will I get my whole row? I want to be able to sleep in comfort.”

The plane is FULL! It takes ages to make my way to the back of the plane… I get to my seat…and guess what? I had two seats to myself!

After my initial elation it turns out that the whole row we are seated in is faulty, meaning that the arm rests can’t be moved up…which means neither of us can lie down…bugger…? The flight attendant was most apologetic.

OK, moving on, what other possibilities are there?

So behind me I hear voices speculating about the middle last row…which by then was the only row that was empty. These voices already discussed that as soon as the door closes one of them will claim the seat before take-off.

And in walked this old quite stern looking lady and claimed her seat. There were rumbles of disappointment, anger, resignation from the group behind me. I had also let go. I went with the flow of life.

And then my body was drawn to the lady. I kept looking at her, her body language…how she sat, the energy she gave out and I just knew that she would not lie down…although she ‘rightfully’ could claim the seats. She had won the jackpot and she wasn’t going to take it.  I just KNEW!

I got intuitively guided to ask if she intended to lie down and if not, could I use the space? AHHHH!!!  This was downright scary!

Who do you think you are? WTF? As my mind argued, I waited another hour until I finally decided that I can ‘only’ ask. And she has the right to say no and that was it…no risk, no win! Right?

I found the courage to amble over to her…to connect and to ask her directly…without attachment….and guess what?

She had absolutely no intention to lie down. Her body couldn’t do it. 

Not only did she give me a whole-hearted yes.

She also gave me her spare special pillow.

She even put up her own arm rest so I had more room.

And I slept soundly for 6 hours!

And she was so lovely and loving…I felt very nurtured and taken care of. And incredibly grateful! 

This is the power of listening to your intuition. 


So, let’s examine each step which is universal and therefore available to you. Feel free to translate this to any situation in your life.

Use it to grow your business! Your Self and your life. 

  • The three passengers behind me used their logical programmed mind…as soon as the lady sat down, the game was over for them. Their minds made the decision to give up and close down instead of tuning into their body/intuition. They did not see or sense any other possibilities. Without connecting and trusting the Divine Creator in you, you are living out the shadow/the ego mind/the not-self.
  • I let go of my initial disappointment AND stayed open.
  • I knew the Universe heard my intention and I expected to find a solution. I know ‘miracles’ happen all the time.
  • I trusted my intuition.
  • I overcame my fear by changing my mindset (EXPECT that your mind will do it’s best to argue and talk you out of the action).
  • I took the physical action DESPITE feeling highly uncomfortable. 

So, intuition comes in different ways…depending on our soul design. We are all intuitive. We are born with it. 

Every successful business owner uses their intuition, their hunch, their gut feeling…even Steve Jobs talked about his inspirations and inner guidance he got to take the business to such global success.

The more intimate you are with your intuitive guidance, with your creative out-of-the-box hunches, the more willing you are to be your Self, the more successful you will be. 

So, I’d like to ask you: 

Do you know YOUR intuitive gift(s)?

Do you know the difference between your ego and your soul?

Are you willing to listen?

Are you ready to take action that is uncomfortable?

Do you ask for what you want?

Do you have clarity on who you are at Soul level?

Are you looking for the solution? Or are you only ever seeing the problems?


Are you constantly second guessing yourself?

Running around like a chook with it’ head chopped off?

Busy without getting results?

Do you stop yourself when it gets ‘hard’?

Doing constantly for others?

Not feeling deserving enough? 

So, the question again is this: Are you willing to align to your purpose? Are you willing to LET GO and put yourself out authentically in your business? 

What patterns are you willing to break? And what are you willing to do to break them? I’ve broken many patterns in my own life, and one thing is for sure — you can’t do it alone. 

What has gotten you this far, is not what will get you to your next level. 

If you’re really serious about leveling UP the year…let’s do it together! 

It’s gonna take courage & commitment, a willingness to live your soul’s design along with solid support. And it’s gonna be so worth it! 

If you’re ready to explore that next level with me, where through trusting your intuition and living your unique soul blueprint you will work smarter, not harder and feel more joyful.

Then click this link to fill out a FREE application to work with me in 2020. 

I will read the applications and will reach out to you if I believe you are a good fit.  

Don’t wait another year. 

Here’s to the joy of being YOU!