Ever notice that trying to get more clients can end up being a tortuous, slow process? Or in Maria’s case…numerous failed attempts. I mean, no one ever said it was going to be super easy, but you sure didn’t expect it to be this dang hard. Am I right?

Listen, you’re not alone.

When I talked to Maria she was in tears and told me that she wanted to enroll clients into a group program, and she did everything her coach was telling her.

She followed the blueprints and swipe files.

She worked on her mind set.

She was on every coaching call but didn’t fill her program.

She felt very alone and misunderstood.

Can you imagine how frustrated she was?  She worked her butt off…and deep down thought there must be something wrong with her.

You see, as soon as you are a “highly conscious” entrepreneur with a mission-driven business…you are stepping into your full Divine Self Expression.

With Consciousness comes Power and with Power comes Responsibility.

Guess what?

The “rules” change. 

Cookie Cutter Methods and “Proven Blueprints” don’t work anymore! 

At soul level we are all like snowflakes. Completely unique. What works for one person in business won’t work for another. There is no “proven” path. There is only YOUR path.

Heads up…

Back to Maria.

A personal Akashic Reading revealed that she was right on track working as an online business coach. She was totally aligned to her soul Gift of Divine Wisdom. She was relieved when she got that confirmation.

However, in business she inadvertently lived the shadow side of her Divine Gift.  The biggest issues these souls face is dealing with clients who just don’t “get it”.

She was frustrated with prospects that didn’t buy even though it was the “obvious” perfect choice.

You see, souls with Divine Wisdom can have a hard time with marketing because they want to deliver practical and actionable information that is valuable. They want to lead with reason and logic. However, that doesn’t lead to a sale.

They are analysts who understand the underlying truth of a problem or situation.  They use their wisdom to cut through confusion.

Maria’s challenge was to learn how to connect emotionally in her marketing backed by reason and logic.

Happy Ending.

When she started implementing strategies that were in alignment to who she is at Soul level, e.g. she started to deliver practical demonstrations of her coaching skills, she turned her business around.

Within 90 days, she enrolled 9 clients into her program and although she started making inroads writing copy that connected more emotionally, with the extra income, she was able to outsource her marketing.

Divine Wisdom souls get very frustrated managing a team and are happiest when they can outsource so they can focus on service delivery. (Not recommended for everyone…it depends on your Divine Gift).

Here’s to the joy of being YOU!